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Myanmar: Persecution Fosters New Church Strategy

Pastors and front-line workers in Myanmar’s Wa region are rethinking church strategies after an intense season of persecution. Wa state, in eastern Myanmar along the Chinese border, is an autonomous region governed by the Communist United Wa State Party. Christians in the region have been heavily persecuted since 2018. Most church buildings have been destroyed or confiscated, and almost all pastors in the region have been imprisoned at some point in the past two years. “Many pastors are scared to share their faith under threat of death or returning to prison,” a VOM worker said. Christian leaders in the area have decided that the best strategy is to transition traditional churches into underground house churches. To that end, leaders are now training local pastors and encouraging them not to live in fear. They are also teaching church planters how to start house churches.

Pray for Christians in Myanmar.

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