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Nepal: Woman Stoned by Neighbour

A Christian woman spent a week in the hospital after a neighbour attacked her. Miriamu became a Christian in 2014, but when the distance became too great to travel to the nearest church for worship, she decided to start her own in her home. Her neighbours were not Christians, and they became alarmed when they saw the new church beginning to grow. One Saturday a neighbor approached Miriamu to tell her that the church (Miriamu’s house) was on the neighbor’s land. Miriamu disagreed, telling the woman she had the official paperwork. Immediately, the woman picked up a stone and threw it at Miriamu’s head. The woman continued to stone her until she lost consciousness. As her neighbour threw the stones, she shouted, “We must chase the Christians from this place! They are destroying our religious environments.” Miriamu was taken to the hospital, suffering from deep gashes on her face and neck along with internal bleeding. “She still finds it difficult to speak,” wrote a VOM worker. “She wants to forgive her neighbour, who she believes will come to know Jesus one day.”

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