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Prayer for our Tanzanian Believers

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Everlasting Father,

Thank You for the ultimate victory we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.

As our Tanzanian Christian brothers and sisters suffer under the blade of persecution, may they be sustained by Your righteous hand and may their scars declare Your goodness and mercy. We pray that as they demonstrate their unshakable faith in You, their persecutors will come to repentance through the work of Your Holy Spirit.

Thank You, Father, for providing for the orphans and widows among our persecuted Christian family. May their examples of forgiveness toward those who killed their fathers and husbands spur us toward greater love and demonstrate to a watching world that Christ is more precious than gold.

We thank You for the example of these steadfast servants, Father, and pray that You will grant them courage and endurance for Christ’s sake. Protect them from the evil one and empower them to stand firm

in the faith, knowing their suffering is but for a little while. Restore, confirm, strengthen and establish each of them as they serve You.


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