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YEMEN: Their Mom was Killed for Her Faith

Khaled rejected his Muslim faith on 11 September 2001. What kind of religion, he wondered that day, celebrates the killing of 3,000 people? Later he began to read the Bible and listen to a Christian radio broadcast, which ultimately led him to faith in Christ.

Khaled’s wife, Samira, also became a Christian after seeing the dramatic change in the way Khaled treated her and her parents. But following Christ in Yemen is dangerous. After pictures of Samira’s baptism were posted on social media, the family began to receive threats from angry Muslims.

Then, on 9 June 2014, as Samira prepared breakfast, her stovetop erupted in flames, setting her clothing on fire. Someone had filled her jar of cooking oil with gasoline. Samira suffered severe burns and later died in the hospital, leaving behind Khaled and their four children. Just before she died, she whispered to Khaled that she had forgiven all those who persecuted them. Khaled and his family still mourn her loss.

“We are a team that is playing with the shortage of a very key player,” Khaled told a VOM worker. “We are really tired.”

  • Pray for Khaled and his family with all the work they do without their mother. Pray for peace and rest from the Lord.

  • Pray for the Muslims who hurt their family to repent and know the Lord.

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